May 1, 1951 | Filed under: Yorkshire Evening News

ON Woodhouse Moor, leeds, the framework of the vast structure which will house the Festival of Britain exhibition is taking shape with surprising speed. Most of the welded steel tubing which will support the acres of canvas covering the 35,000 square foot site is now in place.

To Headingley tram passengers, the long lines of silvery tubes in three main ridges, gleaming in today’s sunshine, gave a cheering hint of Festival pleasures ahead.

The most spectacular part has yet to be built – the 120ft. high towered entrance front, opposite the library.

This will have a shining roof of red plastic sheeting and from it red, white and blue searchlights of 40 million candle power will blaze into the night sky.

The travelling exhibition will be seen here from June 23 to July 14.

“The idea is that Leeds should be “en fete,” said the Lord Mayor of Leeds (Ald F. H. O’Donnell) outlining attractions in the city for the Festival to-day.

He was speaking at the opening of a Festival information bureau at the Odeon Cinema, Leeds, to give Leeds people up-to-date news of the Festival, both national and local.