Scoutmaster is exhibition knot-tier

June 28, 1951 | Filed under: Yorkshire Post

Putting an eye-splice in the end of a half-inch rope or making a neat and secure sheepshank are simple tasks to Mr. Basil Webstone of Allenby Road, Leeds. He can also proceed, with the nimblest of fingers, through all the other knots and splices that a seaman should know.

Yesterday, at the Leeds Festival of Britain Travelling Exhibition on Woodhouse Moor, Mr. Webstone, who is 28 and a Leeds University graduate, drew a small but appreciative audience while he ran through part of his extensive repertoire of knots.

Mr. Webstone, a Scoutmaster, is the latest attraction in the sea travel section of the exhibition and was the only applicant for the post of “demonstration knotter” mentioned in the “Yorkshire Post” on Saturday. His salary is to be £6 10s. a week. He left the University three weeks ago with a B.A. Degree with honours in geography.

The Travelling Exhibition was visited by 7,813 people yesterday – 341 more than on the comparable day in Manchester. Total attendances yesterday reached 40, 570, compared with 35,301 at Manchester.