Princess Royal praises (and criticises) during Festival tour

June 23, 1951 | Filed under: Yorkshire Evening News

The Princess Royal spent almost an hour touring the Travelling Exhibition at Woodhouse Moor, Leeds which she opened today. Of this time, she devoted 45 minutes to the section dealing with furnishing various rooms in the home.

She went hurriedly through the sections dealing with jet turbines and other mechanical devices, but her sharp eyes missed nothing that was new in modal kitchen, sitting room and nursery displays.

“Moving too fast”

She was quick to criticise and praise in turn. For instance, revolving stages showing the latest in cuddly toys for kiddies were, she said, moving too fast, and then she turned to the nursery arrangements and said that the top bunk was rather high.

“I would not like a baby of mine to sleep in it,” she said.

But the Princess Royal was full of praise for most features. She liked the arrangement of most of the rooms and questioned her guide closely on a host of details, with typical womanly interest.

“You’d be surprised”

She watched a few moments of the film showing Prince Charles when he was eight months old, and commented, “You’d be surprised if you saw him now running about. He is two and a half.”

At the Fashion Theatre she watched a complete show specially presented for her and was told that during the thee weeks’ stay in Leeds it would, unlike the usual fashion parades take the form of a little play without dialogue, except for the voice of the compere, Miss Marianne Codrington-Hall.