Exhibition linguist

MOST people in this country are fairly content with their linguistic achievement if they can speak one or two languages with reasonable fluency in addition to their own. But Mr. Daniel Reardon, one of three head attendants at Leeds Festival of Britain Exhibition on Woodhouse Moor, is quite at home in eight. He speaks French, [...]

Household Troops win a victory at Leeds

I was glad to see yesterday that the Regular Army Pavilion had been moved from its obscure position in the fun fair at Woodhouse Moor, Leeds, and brought up to the higher ground beside the marquee which houses the Festival of Britain Land Travelling Exhibition. When the exhibition opened I complained that the Pavilion and [...]

Flowers, dinner for 100.000th Festival visitor in Leeds

As many people passed by the pay-boxes of the Festival of Britain travelling exhibition at Woodhouse Moor, Leeds, today, officials were carefully watching the clicking automatic counters rapidly approaching the 100,000 mark. Yesterday. 5,787 visited the exhibition, bringing the total to 96,293, against 87,573 for the corresponding date at Manchester. By 3pm today, 97,635 people [...]

100,000th visitor to Leeds Festival

Told by her doctor to “go to the Festival Exhibition,” 66-year-old Mrs. E. M. Reeves, living at 41, Raglan Road, Leeds, within 500yd. of the Woodhouse Moor Land Travelling Exhibition, became the 100,000th visitor to the exhibition last night. As such she became temporary Festival Queen and guest of the British Government for the night. [...]

Festival site “not to be wasted”

I UNDERSTAND that the tarmac laid down on part of Woodhouse Moor, Leeds for the Festival of Britain Travelling Exhibition will be put to good use by the Corporation Parks Committee after the exhibition leaves Leeds this weekend. There are rumours that the site may be used for tennis courts, but the Parks Committee have [...]

Well-behaved children

WHAT officials of the Festival of Britain Travelling Exhibition will chiefly remember about Leeds is the good behaviour and intelligence of thousands of children who visited the exhibition during its three-week stay on Woodhouse Moor. Mr. V. H. Walker, the manager, told me yesterday. “They were exceptionally well-behaved and I was surprised at the interest [...]

Festival show moves on

One minute past 11 on Saturday night was zero hour for the advance guard of the Festival of Britain dismantling team at the Travelling Exhibition on Woodhouse Moor, Leeds. As the last strains of “God Save the King” died away and the last of the day’s 6,877 visitors were leaving the huge marquee, a voice [...]