Exhibition opens in Leeds today

June 23, 1951 | Filed under: Yorkshire Observer

WORKMEN in overalls and officials hurrying with last minute touches to the 35,000 sq. ft. stretch of Festival of Britain Exhibition on Woodhouse Moor, Leeds, to be opened today, were saying last night: “We have had a spell of good luck in Leeds.”

The three-week task of erecting the travelling show with 5,000 exhibits, worth £10,000, and a huge canvas tent, has gone without a hitch.

But yesterday Mr. Richard Levin, creator-designer of the exhibition, and Mr. W. J. Fitt, chief architect, display construction of all the Festival exhibitions, including the South Bank, both said: “The Leeds siting for the show is perfect – the best of all four cities at which the exhibition is being staged.”


Save for a complete sweep through of the exhibition, extra dashes of paint and dusting, the exhibition is ready for opening by the Princess Royal.

Inside the exhibition the tent is forgotten as you pass through displays showing 1,000 years of life and achievement in Britain – and exhibitis of modern cloth, clothes, furnishings and toys that, one is assured, are on sale in Britain, is difficult to find.

From a Festival Homes section with futuristic ideas on furnishing, you can walk into sections showing people at play, a vast display of toys, and for the technically minded a section of industry showing the history of the gas-turbine engine leading to jet propulsion.