2,500 schoolchildren flock to Exhibition

June 25, 1951 | Filed under: Yorkshire Evening News

Over 2,500 Leeds and West Riding schoolchildren visiting the Festival of Britain travelling exhibition on Woodhouse Moor, Leeds, had a hectic time today as they wandered round the exhibition defying laid-down routes and just bobbing up wherever their fancy took them.

For the boys it was jet engines, model railway and Meccano exhibits. For the girls it was mannequins and fashions. The children were the first of 19,000 West Riding children who will visit the exhibition in organised parties.

Twelve year-old John Wilkinson, of West Leeds High School, thought the exhibition was “wonderfully instructive” but wished he could have understood the jets.

Betty Coyle, aged 12, of St Brigit’s Secondary Modern School, Torre-road, Leeds, visited mannequin and fashion shows, but she, too, would like to understand jets.


‘Everyone wants to understand jets,” Information Officer Ita Scadden told me, “I am having to swot up the subject in all my spare minutes”.

She sighed, put down her copy of “The Story of the British Gas Turbine” and told four information-hungry schoolboys all she knew about it.

The boys gasped to find that a girl knew so much on this topic.

A 19-year old local girl, Miss Anne Pickard, of 25 Middleton-road, Morley, is answering questions in English and foreign languages at the exhibition.

She was educated at Morley Grammar School before going to Birmingham University.

Exhibition officials were today expressing satisfaction with attendance figures, “They are a great improvement on the Manchester figures.” I was told. The figures are: Opening day (Saturday) 10,442; Sunday 8,307.