ON Woodhouse Moor, leeds, the framework of the vast structure which will house the Festival of Britain exhibition is taking shape with surprising speed. Most of the welded steel tubing which will support the acres of canvas covering the 35,000 square foot site is now in place. To Headingley tram passengers, the long lines of [...]

10 lorries will make 100 journeys with Festival exhibition for Leeds

ONE man will not see the Festival of Britain travelling exhibition when it opens on Woodhouse Moor, Leeds, on June 23 – and he is the man who put it up. Mr. D. Sharp, head foreman of the contractors who are assembling the exhibition has travelled all over the world on exhibition work – and [...]

How Leeds Festival looks now

Entrance Foyer

AT the moment, the travelling Festival Exhibition at Woodhouse Moor, Leeds, consists chiefly of shavings and canvas, bits of broken packing cases and endless hammering. The first thing you find in the foyer is a group of three 12ft figures in jade green plaster which represent industry and effort and all that – reading from [...]

Glimpses of the big Leeds exhibition

High winds and little boys are the biggest menace to erecting a travelling Festival Exhibition. On Woodhouse Moor, Leeds, where exhibits worth £250,000 are being arranged under 35,000 square feet of tenting, everything and everyone else can more or less be relied on. Good weather during the last few weeks has meant that the work [...]

Leeds Festival Show looks back over 1,000 years

WHEN the Festival of Britain Land Travelling Exhibition opens on Woodhouse Moor, Leeds, tomorrow, there may not be any wet paint as evidence of a last-minute rush. But an awful lot if will be still tacky. As I went round with a Press preview party today, small armies of workmen scurried hectically in all directions. [...]


WHEN Leeds people walk along the scientific corridors of the Festival of Britain travelling exhibition on Woodhouse Moor, Leeds, during the next three weeks, they may feel their lay minds reeling at first. To-morrow at 11 a.m. The Princess Royal opens this largest-ever show on wheels and to-day the Press had a private peep inside [...]

Princess Royal praises (and criticises) during Festival tour

The Princess Royal spent almost an hour touring the Travelling Exhibition at Woodhouse Moor, Leeds which she opened today. Of this time, she devoted 45 minutes to the section dealing with furnishing various rooms in the home. She went hurriedly through the sections dealing with jet turbines and other mechanical devices, but her sharp eyes [...]

Exhibition opens in Leeds today

WORKMEN in overalls and officials hurrying with last minute touches to the 35,000 sq. ft. stretch of Festival of Britain Exhibition on Woodhouse Moor, Leeds, to be opened today, were saying last night: “We have had a spell of good luck in Leeds.” The three-week task of erecting the travelling show with 5,000 exhibits, worth [...]

Festival flower garden may stay

AN ACRE of waste land on Woodhouse Moor converted by Leeds Corporation Parks Department into a flower garden for the Festival of Britain Exhibition may become a permanent feature. “I shall be surprised if it is not retained,” Mr. T. E. Trigg, the Director of Parks said today.

2,500 schoolchildren flock to Exhibition

Over 2,500 Leeds and West Riding schoolchildren visiting the Festival of Britain travelling exhibition on Woodhouse Moor, Leeds, had a hectic time today as they wandered round the exhibition defying laid-down routes and just bobbing up wherever their fancy took them. For the boys it was jet engines, model railway and Meccano exhibits. For the [...]

Leeds Festival radio link with Italy and Sweden

The amateur radio station in a corner of the Festival of Britain Travelling exhibition at Woodhouse Moor, Leeds, has already received 20 postcards from radio stations in this country and abroad that they have made contact with since the exhibition opened.  

Travelling exhibition has a homely appeal

THE Festival of Britain Land Exhibition in Leeds will appeal to the man in the street. Unlike its big brother at South Bank, London, it is not confusing, not over-scientific. To those who have not yet seen the London Festival Exhibition, the Leeds display will be very impressive. To those who have visited the concrete [...]

Scoutmaster is exhibition knot-tier

Putting an eye-splice in the end of a half-inch rope or making a neat and secure sheepshank are simple tasks to Mr. Basil Webstone of Allenby Road, Leeds. He can also proceed, with the nimblest of fingers, through all the other knots and splices that a seaman should know. Yesterday, at the Leeds Festival of [...]

Leeds graduate solves a Festival hitch

HAVE you ever made a Flemish eye, or done a racking seizing, or used a false lark’s head? One man in Leeds has been found to whom these are not double-Dutch. He is to demonstrate knots, ties and splices in the new sea-travel section of the touring Festival of Britain exhibition at Woodhouse Moor, Leeds. [...]